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haw Engineering has been providing engineering services for the design and planning of public and private infrastructure projects in Nevada and California. We have earned a reputation as innovative complex problem solvers. Our technical qualifications were earned through the experience gained in dealing with a wide range of technical challenges on project assignments spanning over a quarter of a century. We also continue to support many public agencies, utilities and communities by providing operational, managerial and administrative assistance, staff augmentation and engineering advice and counseling.

Shaw Engineering has earned our qualifications through many years of performance handling a wide range of technical challenges. Our previous experience provides a solid foundation of knowledge that will ensure success for our clients and Shaw Engineering.

The firm’s vast portfolio of services include:


Pump Stations

Fire Flow Analysis

SCADA Systems

Water Treatment Plants

Utility System Maps

Transmission and Distribution Pipelines

Backflow Prevention Plans

Pressure Reducing Stations and Valving Facilities

AWWA Storage Facilities

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Hydraulic Computer Modeling

Sampling and Analysis Facility/System

Master Planning


Primary Treatment

Secondary Treatment

Filtration Facilities

Disinfection Facilities

Dechlorination Facilities

Effluent Disposal/Reuse Pump Stations

Force Mains

Gravity Collection Systems

Individual Sewage Disposal Systems

Solids Treatment/Handling

Regulatory Compliance


Hydrology Studies

Storm Drain Systems

Stormwater Detention and Retention

HEC-RAS Modeling

Construction Management

Best Management Practices

Stormwater and Drainage Analysis

Stormwater Quality Improvements

Site and Grading Improvements

Street and Roadway Improvements

Regulatory Permitting and Processing

Funding Applications and Acquisition


Construction Management

Construction Administration

Inspection Services

Regulatory Compliance

Administrative Support

Project Funding


At Shaw, we believe that thorough planning, constant communication, and detailed work performance are the cornerstones to a successfully completed project. As such our approach to any project would begin with a commitment to work as partners, to meet project schedules and budgets, offer creative and cost effective solutions, be available at all times, provide the best engineering expertise available. Today much of our work comes through repeat business with clients. Capturing this repeat business is a testament to the service we provide and to the commitment we have towards meeting our client’s goals and objectives. Shaw’s approach ensures any project assignment will be executed in accordance with the goals of the owner and that the resulting products will be  delivered on time, within budget, and in the best form possible.