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Water Systems

Engineers work to secure water supplies and develop delivery infrastructure for the needs of many end users including domestic consumers, fire protection systems and agriculture. Our potable water supply, treatment, transmission and distribution systems are providing clean, safe and reliable drinking water to all users. The reliability of these systems must be maintained.

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New Fallon, NV Lift Station

Water Reclamation

The awareness of environmental issues in our communities has never been greater. As a result, we are achieving new levels of performance from our water reclamation systems. Improved methods of science and engineering are enhancing our ability to protect public health and our environment, which is the ultimate goal of our profession.

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Civil Engineering

Thoughtful modification of our natural environment improves and enhances our way of life and makes society more efficient. Practical applications of civil engineering, using physical and scientific principles, focuses on transportation systems, the development of land forms, the flow of water and the protection of our environment have advanced the quality of life across the broad cultural landscape within which we live.

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Project Management

Building successful relationships is the key to building infrastructure. Managing resources is the key to any successful outcome. Effective project and construction management, while honoring time and budget constraints, will insure project goals and objectives are met. Achieving project success continues to build stronger relationships and expands all of our horizons.

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The Expert's Expert

Shaw Engineering has gained a reputation as the expert's expert in water works systems and water reclamation facilities. We are frequently hired to provide the additional expertise needed to complete a successful project. We pride ourselves in delivering exactly what our clients need, whether taking a simple nuts and bolts approach or using innovative, cutting-edge technologies to create necessary efficiencies, and on occasion, an award winning project.

Construction Opportunities

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Solving complex problems for clients every day.

Government and Municipal Utilities

1With over 30 years of experience providing governmental organizations and municipal utilities with the essential engineering expertise necessary to serve the needs of the public, our ability to not only design efficient and easy to use systems, but to help you jump through the regulatory hoops, keep you in compliance with all regulations, obtain funding while addressing funding requirement, and manage the construction process, will smooth the complex path to the completion of your project. You will breathe easier knowing that Shaw Engineering is on your team.

Private Development

2Whether serving the CEO of a multi-national corporation or a local farmer, Shaw Engineering uses the highest level of expertise to support private enterprises in building dreams. When you choose Shaw Engineering as part of your team, you’ve chosen a partner that has your back from start to finish. We are as invested in the success of your project as you are. We will not only design you the most efficient and effective system possible, but we’ll be there to support you in putting all the pieces of your project together from the permitting and approval processes to construction management.

Design Professionals

3As the lead design professional on a project, the buck stops with you. The professionals you choose to work with can make or break a project. When you have a project that needs a civil engineer, and you are looking for a partner you can trust with your reputation, you know that Shaw Engineering will perform for you as if our name was up front. We are excited to partner with other firms that are as invested in quality and excellence as we are. Building lasting relationships is why we are celebrating over 30 years of success in our industry. We strive to be the experts, the experts trust.